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Less can sometimes be MORE

Updated: May 14, 2019

Each day we can wake up and have a fresh start to our day, our future. We have the power to achieve great things and empower others, celebrate life and love. It can be exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming….leaving us to feel that we don’t do enough and we aren’t enough.

Finding time for you is easier said than done; am I right? 8 hours of sleep, 8+ hours of work, 1-2 hours of commute time, preparing meals for the family, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and so forth…and each day can be the same, day after day…routine. Where does that leave time for you?

This lifestyle section is dedicated to how you can renew, and begin to focus on health, plus take steps to achieve your dreams and enhance your life. I believe that baby steps and gratitude go a long way in realization of our destiny.

Tip of the week:

Minimization – it is the “IN” thing, but it is a simple concept. It is like a diet detox, but for our lives and surroundings. Starting the process can seem daunting at first, but I recommend taking it slowly and at your own pace. Decide what is important for you…what you need, and the result will be freeing and powerful.

I recently met a woman who had a storage unit full of extra items, ranging from clothing of all sizes (and sizes she swore she will never be able to wear again) to multiple hair rollers, shoes, luggage, gifts, costume jewelry….you name it. She had been paying for storage for over 20 years, adding up to more than $20,000 in fees. She realized she was holding on to items she didn’t need, or love anymore. She donated them, and felt a relief, a calm…plus she saved a lot in storage fees.

It feels good to unclutter our lives, to “detox” our surroundings. And when you do, you somehow have more clarity, focus, and can better prioritize your thoughts. I tried this, and can attest to the power of living free of unnecessary items.

So, here are the basic “baby” steps to begin your journey to a detoxed environment. Trust me, it is simple. If I can do it, you can too. It is a great feeling, and it will open up new opportunities and positive energy in your life.

Step 1

Don’t take on too much at one time. Set a goal of cleaning out 1 room or area per day only. Smaller goals yield bigger results, as you won’t be tired. This can and will be a mentally tiring process.

Step 2

Start to review each item. Do you use it? Wear it? Love it? If it immediately doesn’t resonate as something you cannot live without, remove it.

Best practice - those items that don’t have a purpose, or you haven’t used or worn in a year…let them go.

Set aside an area in your home for donated items; do NOT revisit or look at them again….let. them. go.

Step 3

Continue room by room, until you have worked through your entire home, office, car, garage. Donate or sell the items (it feels good!) and don’t look back. The items do not serve you.

Step 4

I suggest taking this a step further and decide that you are not going to BUY anything new, unless it is an absolute necessity. I have practiced this for 7 months, so far, and I can attest that I have more clarity and focus (plus my pocketbook appreciates it!).

Best practice – don’t be a spontaneous buyer; pay cash only for items, and only buy if it serves a much-needed purpose in your life.

My mother always said the quality is more important in quantity. I find that true for so many things….

Clean and simple decor and lifestyle will help keep you focused!

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