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Pageant Interview and On-Stage Question

You know the saying? You win the pageant in interview. Well, I am of the thought that you LOSE the pageant in interview. Interview is the backbone, and the basis for everything. Do well in interview, and the Judges will be excited about your on-stage performance.

But preparing for interview is so much more than knowing your resume, picking out clothes and having perfect hair and makeup. It is about being prepared, being confident, being a leader, and translating that to the room and stage.

If you fully prepare for a pageant, interview is something for which you never cease preparing; it is the alpha and the omega, and something you need to continually polish.

If you don’t develop all aspects of yourself, you won’t shine in interview, as confidence is KEY.

Being fully prepared for your interview (and on-stage question) requires many elements. As you start the journey, consider these questions:

1) What is my mission?

2) What goals am I working toward this year….over the next few years?

3) What makes me unique?

4) Why am I the best candidate for the job?

5) What do I want to share with the Judges?

6) How do I share my passion and mission to the Judges? (there is a winning method!)

7) How do I translate my passion and mission to my Bio and my reign?

As you begin your pageant journey, continue to work on your interview style; be prepared for panel and one-on-one interview styles. Get a coach to help guide you through your growth and evolution as a leader and role model within your community.

My interview staples are:

  • Answer

  • Elaborate

  • Be Specific

  • Be Personal

If you master the above, you will shine and stand out.

Remember, I am here to help. Just go to the contact me page to set up an initial consultation. I will share the keys to success....they are within you grasp!

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